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Decoupling and placing various products arranged or positioned on top of each other, they are produced and used by our company as intermediate compartments are offered to you. It serves as a Decoupage shelf in boxes, parcels, cartons. This ensures durability and systemic connection, preventing the formation of loads. If you are looking for low waste rate, low quality loss in your facilities, what you need to do is to request packaging according to the product model, separators are an ideal packaging model for many products in this regard.

Fast design, easy operation

In general, the separators, which are cut in two sides, take their exact shape by being mounted by sitting on one of them at a right angle. It can be produced in different sizes according to the needs in the box. FOM the plastic packaging industry one of the most popular options that are in our product scale separators, separator divider is high in demand in the real sector Dec we know, our concept and packaging, we carry up our standards every day product. The benefits of intermediate shelf divider Decouplers are not enough, but you can also contact our company for more detailed information.

In terms of production material, as FOM PLASTIC Packaging industry, you can use our products with peace of mind thanks to our environmentally friendly attitude. We are following the depleted resources of our world and their consequences in the near future, and as a responsible and conscious company, we have created an environmentally friendly, innovative and modern packaging production facility using the most innovative methods in packaging production.

Get information about the separators

You can reach the officials of our company immediately via our website or by phone and get information about our products and services instantly. We continue to add value to your products with separators, boxes and other packaging options offered in different concepts and price December.


Your solution partner in separators

With the rapid development of today’s transportation sectors, the need for the necessary materials to provide transportation has increased. As FOM Plastic Packaging Industry, we are developing our products in parallel with this development speed and presenting them to you. After it became known that wood is much heavier and expensive, the way for carton transportation was opened, and today’s separators are one of the most important examples of these.

Separators with appropriate budgets

Separators, which are the Turkish equivalent compartments, have introduced an innovative solution in the packaging sector. Separator packages, which can be specially designed both for cube-shaped products and for coils, and which can be produced according to the budget you are looking for, are preferred by many corporate companies in the storage area or transportation area. In order to prevent the products from being damaged during the waiting period or during transportation, what you need to do is to protect them with this kind of compartment packaging.

Separators serve as shelves

Dec serves as a shelf separators and unwanted belongings in one of the boxes touching, fragile, sensitive items, when transporting medical materials, usually this Dec with a compartment compartments ( shelves ) our current technology, which are perpendicular to one of two comb-shaped piece on top with the passing of (sit) with unity gain, both the student will be able to ayricilik, robustness provides.

The benefits of separators

It is known that separators, which can be preferred in the textile sector, logistics sector and retail sector, increase productivity and add value to facility activities by preventing the labor force from shifting to unnecessary areas. Both classic separator models and honeycomb Decouplers carry the indispensable ‘intermediate shelf’ task of many companies.

Besides all these, separators can be added to the box separately or they can be produced as a part of the box in accordance with the requests. As FOM PLASTIC Packaging Industry, we provide services in accordance with the requests of our customers. We produce suitable separators according to the product concepts of companies providing services in the field of manufacturing industry or operating in the field of transportation, transportation, and we provide them with appropriate budgets. Separators are used both for storing geometrically shaped products and can be designed in different ways according to special sizes. The main goal is to prevent damage to the products and to go safely with the separator to the destination. In addition, it is possible to store your products that you want to store in the office, in the warehouse, through the separator.




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